The Bubble Life


Today’s Daily Prompt is about having to be quarantined for a whole month due to a contagious disease lurking out in the real world, and the Prompt wants to know how I would spend the time in isolation.

Like I told a fellow blogger, I had assumed the isolation would be held at our homes… but the Prompt didn’t specify where we would all be the isolated, so I can pick and choose the best place for my one-month stay.  YAY!  There are a plenitude of places I could see myself in isolation, from living in a cabin in the majestic mountains of Colorado to the serene beaches found at Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun (both places I’ve been to and hope to go back to again).  But to be honest, I really think staying at home would suit me best – everything I need is only about 1,800 sq ft away, and I would be in my comfort zone.  Works for me!

What would I do in isolation?  I would revel in the fact that I wouldn’t have to go to work for a whole month, and that would make isolation a vacation! 😀 Of course, I would still putz around the house and do a few chores here and there ONLY when it’s absolutely necessary to do so, and since tonight is the first college football game being televised – my dad’s alma mater University of Michigan vs. the University of Utah Utes (GO WOLVERINES!) – I would make sure the stuff that needs to be done gets done during the week so I can veg on the couch all day on Saturday in all my NCAAF glory.  I’m pretty much a homebody when it comes to the summertime because of how humid it gets here in Chattanooga, and being a desert rat for 40+ years in the southwest before moving to Tennessee, humidity and me just don’t get along.  So being isolated at home during the last of the heatwaves of summer is just fine – I’ll be ready to get out and about a month from now… even to go back to work… *sigh*

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