A Sampling of Mr. Bo Bina’s Photography Skills…

Just a few shots that Jim has taken within the last 10 years…

Sunset ~ Exumas, Lower Bahamas

sunset off bow exumas

Peados the Peacock

peados the peacock

Abandoned barn, location unknown

old barn somewhere usa

Myrtle Hill Cemetery ~ Rome, Georgia

myrtle hill rome georgia

Mr. Gator of the Everglades

florida everglades gator

Hood ornament, car unknown

hood ornament

Key Largo, Florida sunset

key largo sunset

Ladder between abandoned silos ~ Rome, Georgia

ladder between abandoned silos looking up

Sunset on the Ohio River ~ Elizabethtown, Illinois

fall sunrise ohio river 2014

Daytona Beach, Florida

daytona beach

Cedar Key, Florida sunset

cedar key sunset

Our Lab/Husky as a weiner dog… LOL 😀

buddy weiner dog

Abandoned boat ~ Cedar Key, Florida

abandoned boat in cedar key

Bee shot, hand held

bee shot hand held

And Mr. Bo Bina himself…

jim chrome

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