Wait a dang minute ~ I’m not immortal??


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A Daily Prompt Submittal

When I was 16 years old, I was hit by a pickup truck while riding my 10-speed bicycle down an alleyway, on my way to meet some friends at a local Pizza Hut. The only major injury I sustained was a terrible blow to my head, which the doctor said I should have died or spent the rest of my life in a coma. He also said I will have some memory loss. So to ask me at what age did I realize I was not immortal, I couldn’t tell ya. I do know that at 16, especially after surviving that terrible accident, I just KNEW I was gonna live forever!

Fast-forward 39 years, and at age 55, I still don’t know when I figured out I wasn’t going to live forever. Maybe it was when my paternal grandmother died when I was 18? Or when my dad died when I was 32? Or maybe it’s the accumulation of all the heartbreaking news we hear about, of others taking their untimely trip to Heaven… I don’t know. And I don’t know how I felt at whatever time in my life I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t immortal.  But I do know that while my body has a finite time on this earth, my spirit and soul will live on forever, in some fashion. And until that time comes, I’m going to keep on doing what we all read and hear from time to time ~ live every day like it’s your last… Carpe Diem!

5 thoughts on “Wait a dang minute ~ I’m not immortal??

  1. Thank you, Judy! And my site name is a play on the banana fanna thingy… I’m even contemplating on seeing if Bo Bina is available as my personalized license plate! lol And my last name begins with a B, so thereyago! 😀


    1. Oh wait…I thought that “Wait a dang minute–I’m not immortal?” was a message from you. Now I just see it was a “like” and the name of your blog post! So my Santa Claus statement makes no sense. I’ve been doing this sort of thing all day. I need to stop…or get some sleep. Only had 3.5 hours of sleep last night and I haven’t eaten yet today…we’ll blame those two facts.

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