The Sign

happily ever after

Image Courtesy of Google Images

She spotted the sign out of the corner of her eye as she strolled down the long row of artisans selling their wares. It was a beautiful spring day to be outside, and the outdoor beachside arts and crafts market in Santa Barbara, California was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

She walked up to the sign and stared at it, thinking how nice it would be to have someone in her life to live with “happily ever after”. Her thoughts drifted to the one man who she knew could give her all she had ever wanted, and how she ruined the trust between them. He still calls her and texts her, and they see each other every now and again as the bitterness of the breakup starts to wane. But the love shared would never be as it had been, and she was finally coming to terms with that reality.

With a melancholy smile, she stood for a moment longer in front of the sign, then continued on with her stroll…

Copyright © 2015 by kmb

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