Tears are used to cleanse the soul…

woman weathering the stormImage Courtesy of In Power Sisterhood

I recently clicked on a link that a very dear friend had posted on her Facebook page, a website directed to women who want to empower their inner-selves through affirmations to help them deal with situations that arise in their daily lives, and it was the best link that I’ve come across in quite a while.

Janelle Saar, founder of In Power Sisterhood, and her staff post topics in the form of questions that force women to take a look at themselves, to force them to ask the questions that they have once been unable or unwilling to ask in the past. Using the adjective “force” might be a bit too strong a descriptive word to use, but that is the feeling I got from the site, and that’s exactly what I needed it to do, for me.

One of the posts is entitled Are affirmations alone enough, which tells of a sister who is going through her own storm, and how using certain developmental tools can help her weather the storm – being conscience and aware of what is going on in her soul as a result of the storm, to look directly into the eye of the storm and say, “you’re not going to win”.

One of the tools I use is to allow the tears to flow – to get the negativity out of my system, to cleanse my soul. Once the crying – at times the hard gut-wrenching sobs – have passed, that is when I use the tools to focus on a solution to my inner problems, to yell ” I Will Win!” at what is causing my own storm. And at that time, I feel refreshed, similar to the refreshness of the air after a summer rainstorm… and it’s one of the greatest feelings ever. Thank you, Janelle!

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