My Rebuttal to Janay Rice’s Instagram Statement

Courtesy of Getty Images

 After hearing many media reports of Janay Rice’s Instagram statement and reading it on many different news and sports websites, my question to Janay is, what in the hell is wrong with you? What could possibly be going through your closed mind that you would think we are all to blame for taking something away from the man you love? Yes, it’s your life, but what we don’t get is how can you sit next to someone and claim your love to him who punched you in the head and made your head hit the railing inside the New Jersey casino parking elevator that made you unconscience? Not to mention this very man literally dragged you on the ground from the elevator and dumped you back on the ground just outside the elevator, standing right above you, looking down like you’re a piece of trash, not ONCE making sure you are okay. And you call this man your ‘closest friend’?

I will say that Janay has a point in that the media did make her and Ray Rice relive a horrible moment that they regret every day.  But that’s the price they pay for Ray being an NFL player – just like politicians, their life is open for all to critique and scrutinize like never before, thanks to something called “transparency”. That, and the rule that states the NFL will not tolerate any domestic violence between the players and their significant others. 

I’m sure Janay is aware that too many women in the U.S. go through this type of abuse on a daily basis – women who don’t think they can get the help they need to leave their abusers because the abusers are cunning and manipulative, promising after each punch in the face that it will never happen again. Does Ray still hit her behind close doors? We’ll never know, but like so many women, Janay is deeply in denial if she thinks Ray won’t throw another punch at her or abuse her in other ways – once an abuser, ALWAYS an abuser, and that’s what Janay needs to realize – just ask Anna Mae Bullock, aka Tina Turner. But unlike Tina Turner, Janay now has a vast network of support groups at her disposal that are more than willing to help.

Of course, maybe Janay remains with Ray Rice for the materistic perks that go with being an NFL player’s wife. But with Rice cut from the Ravens, and with no immediate future in the NFL, or most likely no future at all, Janay is in denial on that front as well. We can only hope that Janay will pull her bruised head out of her ass and realize that she could live the good life as a poster child for abusive women. However, with Janay’s current attitude, I’m not holding my breath, but I will continue to pray for her.

No, Janay, there was no intention on the media’s part to hurt you, embarrass you, or make you feel alone – you and Ray pretty much hurt and embarrassed yourselves by this very abusive act and you thinking that this is what real love is – Girl, this is NOT what real love is. You may not get it now, but hopefully down the road you will thank TMZ Sports for publishing the horrific video. Hopefully the video will finally make you open your eyes to the fact that you have a better life waiting for you.

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